Zahid Ahmed: Opens up about his nose job

Zahid Ahmed: Opens up about his nose job

Zahid Ahmed is one of the phenomenal actors in Pakistan Drama industry. He made his place in showbiz through his magical voice and amazing acting skills. He never fails to impress his audience. Recently in his two dramas “Ishq Zehe Naseeb” and “Mein Na Janoo”, fans noticed a big change in Zahid Ahmed’s face and Yessss! It was his nose!

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Zahid has been very experimental when it comes to his looks. Before starting acting as a career, he looked completely different. He has gone through alot of changes to look dashing as he is today.

Zahid Ahmed

However, fans didn’t like the new change in Zahid Ahmed’s face. As the side effects didn’t fade away when he starred in his recent projects. Some swelling could be seen in his nose and a difference of shape as well.

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Zahid Ahmed opens up about the procedure and his views about it in his youtube video on his channel where he discussed pretty sensitive stuff. He accepted that he underwent Rhinoplasty (surgery for reshaping nose), and it was his biggest mistake. He emphasised that one should more focus on his acting skills and talents, and should not bother about how he looks because sometimes you learn when you lose what you have.

Zahid Ahmed
Before and After

Although many other actors in Pakistan showbiz has gone through this surgery, and it is a renowned fact that the shape of nose gets settled after few months of the surgery, may be this is the reason we cannot see the best out of it yet. What do you think of his new look? Leave your views in the comments below!

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