Stars Against Hunger- Charity Initiative by Aisam Ul Haq

Stars Against Hunger- Charity Initiative by Aisam Ul Haq

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the economy has faced massive losses. People lost their jobs and many of them have no work such as daily wagers. Numerous families are suffering from hunger and poverty due to coronavirus in Pakistan. This is the part where all influential people in Pakistan must step forward and do something for the deserving ones.  Many people gave away ration bags or helped financially including Aisam Ul Haq in the form of charity and zakat to all those who are needy in these times of crisis.

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Aisam Ul Haque

The famous Pakistani tennis player Aisam ul Haq Qureshi recently announced a praiseworthy initiative known as ‘Stop War Start Tennis’ charity foundation in which he is focused towards helping the hungry Pakistani people and to distribute food rations to 100,000 families across the nation. This movement is called #HungerFreePakistan and is started by Aisam himself. 

This is an immense effort which will make a difference in this crisis. Aisam Ul Haq is an international sports person and has a fan following worldwide. Sports fans and especially tennis fanatics are very eager to learn about this initiative as the player donates towards a greater cause. He will also be putting up items for auction to raise funds for the #HungerFreePakistan.

This is all about uniting people and making them work together to make and difference and fight the battle against novel COVID-19.