Salamat Raho- Tribute to National Heroes

Salamat Raho- Tribute to National Heroes

Amid coronavirus outbreak, everyone is advised to stay at home but there are some people who have to go out no matter what! They have to face the deadly coronavirus on daily basis and they are our national heroes in true sense. The front liners in this battlefield include doctors, pandemics, nurses, policemen, and other law enforcement officials. They all are risking their lives so we all can stay safe. We must never forget them and we cannot be grateful enough. Faisal Qureshi, the comedian and actor produced another video during the lockdown under the banner of Game Over Productions which is titled as ‘Salamat Raho’.

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This Salamat Raho video was released yesterday and has taken social media by the storm. It is basically a very heart touching video that pays tribute to the frontline workers. This is a public service message for all those officials who are working every day during the lockdown and trying to keep the city controlled and performing their duties with dedication and bravery. 

Salamat Raho #TributetoDoctors #Covid19Produced by: Faisal QureshiDirected by: Fajr RazaAssistant Director: Emad…

Posted by Gameover Productions on Saturday, May 9, 2020

This video will make your eyes watery when you see the bond of a policemen and his mothers a mother is worried sick about her son coming home but he isn’t home so the others can stay safe in these circumstances. 

The message delivered by the policemen was that he will go home when everyone else has reached home safely. The video urges everyone to stay at home and stay safe.

Salamat Raho

This video is a very big initiative which is taken for the police who works day and night in the hot weather clad in their armours. The video instantly received a lot of appreciation and love from Pakistanis and is being viewed more than 200,000 times. 

Earlier amid lockdown, Faisal also produced a video titled ‘Call To Action’ which was regarding the awareness of the outbreak which featured many Pakistani celebrities.