Saba Qamar’s New Youtube Video ‘Isolation‘

Saba Qamar’s New Youtube Video ‘Isolation‘

Another celebrity is making digital content of her own and that celebrity is none other than the beautiful and talented Saba Qamar. A teaser was launched before the full episode and everyone was anticipating the launch of full video eagerly.

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Watch the video:

As the name of the video is pretty much self explanatory, this video is about the situation that everyone is going through these days. 

The video begins with Saba hanging out with her friends and having fun moments like dancing and wandering in the streets and that is something we all miss nowadays.

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After going through the fun memories, she hits back into reality and narrates that time has stopped for everyone and the city is deserted and everyone is sad. 

She mentions that people are not living their lives to the fullest, they are just living it. This feeling is pretty much relatable to everyone right now. 

She talks about the rat race we were in before the pandemic and how we are working out on our priorities now. Before we didn’t do that and now we have so much time to think about it. Such irony! Moreover, she also reveals the facts that before no one had tonne to talk to anyone and now we are looking for people to talk and share our grief. Tables have turned to all of us!

Saba Qamar

 The solitude we are in now has made us friends with ourselves because we don’t know how much long real friendships will last. 

Saba talks about her opinions about how people are sharing things on social media and sharing their feelings because we are humans and social animals and we have to make others feel alive as well. 

Saba Qamar

 She digs about human nature which is very heart touching. She talks about rich people and asks them if they have anything to gibe? She asks that you’re a friend but are you there when someone needs you? These lines are shown in the video in a very heart touching way!

Saba Qamar

She narrates Iqbal’s poetry which reminds us that regardless of the differences we are now together in these hard times.

The end of the video is emotional as Saba submerged herself under water! The video is an experience in its own way written in a very aesthetic manner. She has summed up pretty much everything that is being experienced nowadays during quarantine.

Saba Qamar

Let’s hope for some more amazing content by Saba Qamar in her next videos.