Rahul Dev – Pakistan Air Force recruits First Hindu Pilot

Rahul Dev – Pakistan Air Force recruits First Hindu Pilot

Some gripping news plane enthusiasts! For the ever first time in Pakistan’s history, a Hindu has been chosen as a pilot in the nation’s flying corps. The young named Rahul Dev Bheel, son of late Tejmal Singh Bheel has been enrolled as a general duty pilot official in the Pakistan Air Force. The news has been slanting all over Pakistan, with individuals valuing the way that how well the minorities are treated in the nation, Pakistan.

Rahul Dev

In spite of the fact that individuals from minority networks of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, are as of now serving at various designations in Pakistan’s military organizations – yet this is the primary event of acceptance of a Hindu pilot in PAF, mirroring the way that the nation is certainly not an oppressive state.

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The administration official Rafique Ahmed Khokhar who is working at the Ministry of Interior was first to break this inspiring news in media.

As per Pakistani media, Rahul Dev belongs to Tharparkar – the biggest area in Sindh territory, where a huge populace of the Hindu people group dwells.

Communicating bliss over Dev’s appointment, All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat Secretary Ravi Dawani said numerous individuals from the minority network are serving in the common assistance just as the military.

Joyous Ravi says that numerous young and keen individuals like Rahul will be prepared to serve the nation in the years to come if the Khan’s government keeps on concentrating on the minorities.

Many are conveying best wishes for Dev and his family….. and also his happy face is circling all over Twitter!!!