Pakistani Dramas that need to end now!

Pakistani Dramas that need to end now!

We know that due to the lockdown and Covid-19 situation, the Pakistani dramas and film industry is facing problems and having a huge loss. As recordings of dramas have stopped due to lockdown situations, the dramas that are currently on dragged much more than expected. The latest trend in Pakistan drama industry has shaped dramas to be no more than 30 episodes. Pakistani dramas usually reach an end till 20th to 30th episode. But some dramas that were in the air and were expected to reach their end weeks before have lost their essence due to the unnecessary dragging.

We list some of the dramas that should end now because people have seriously lost interest in them.

1. Mera Dil Mera Dushman

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A drama with a beautiful storyline starring Alizey Shah, Yasir Nawaz, Nouman Sami, Salman Saeed. The drama grabbed attention of audience due to the pairing if Yasir Nawaz and Alizey Shah and the unique storyline. But the story is getting boring because of unnecessary scenes and dragging. We suggest it should be given a good end and should be ended now.

2.Jo tu Chahay

Jo tu Chahay was liked by people due to the top stars of drama, Imran Abbas, Zarnish Khan and Alizey Shah. The story was named Kun Faya Kun before but was changed to the urdu meaning of the Arabic Ayat. A bit of Spirituality, family drama and love story made the drama successful. But recently the channel aired its 40th episode and people have actually stopped seeing the drama because end is still not expected.

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3. Ye Dil Mera

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This drama got immediate popularity because of the real life couple Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly along with Adnan Siddiqui’s strong performance. The drama consisted of two stories at different timeframes and how they are connected. This drama is a murder thriller along with a beautiful love story. The drama also showed challenges of psychological patients in Pakistani society. Just when the drama was at climax and about to end, unnecessary dragging has made it boring. We think this drama should end now on a good note.

4. Thoda Sa Haq

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This drama grabbed everyone’s attention from the first episode because of most loved on-screen couple Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas. The story revolved around how two people got together due to fate and then fell in love after that. Drama had many stories unfolding with time and character developments but now there is some repetition of events without something conclusive.

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