Pakistan Will Soon Conduct 40,000 Coronavirus Tests Daily

Pakistan Will Soon Conduct 40,000 Coronavirus Tests Daily

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chairman Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal stated that Pakistan would soon obtain the capacity to conduct 40,000 Coronavirus Tests on a daily basis.

He made the statement to the media upon receiving a shipment of medical equipment of 18 tonnes from China through a special PIA flight to Islamabad.

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The labs in Pakistan will now conduct 40,000 tests each day for coronavirus. 

National Disaster Risk Management Fund (NDRMF) partnered with NDMA to procure the medical aid which is of $50 million value from China.

Coronavirus Tests

The consignment received consisted of 159 ventilators, 15 X-ray machines, 200 thermal guns, 15,000 protective gowns, 30,000 gloves, 290,000 surgical masks and 5000 safety goggles and other personal protective gear and equipment.

Three to four more flights would be coming soon and carrying the personal protection equipment and ventilators. The NDMA chief thanks NDRMF for sponsoring the huge consignment of medical aid. 

The chief executive of NDRMF said that the purpose of procuring the equipment is to make sure that the doctors and paramedics are safe enough to work and fight the battle against the outbreak in the front line. The World Bank would also give $60 million aid to Pakistan for the same purpose.

Chief Executive NDRMF said that they would try to create earning opportunities as well for those people or  businesses who had been affected due to the lockdown.