Kajol shared her laughing pictures on World Laughing Day!

Kajol shared her laughing pictures on World Laughing Day!

Today is the world’s laughter day, and who else can laugh as beautiful as Kajol. Kajol is known for her jolly nature and beautiful laugh. DDLJ star caught the attention of millions through her marvelous performance, innocent features, and attractive laughter. She was seen controlling her laugh in a recent photoshoot. So she posted a post on Instagram, sharing her laughter pictures on different events captioned Mission CONTROL!

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World Laughter Day was initiated by Dr. Madan kataria in January 1998. He is the creator of Worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement, the world laughter day is celebrated by his followers on first Sunday of every May.

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Kajol has been active on social media like rest of the celebrities, who are discovering their hidden talents and trying to connect to their fans in this lockdown. Kajol recently hit 10 million mark of his Instagram followers, thanking his followers. She posted picture of her mother , saying thay she misses her and her daughter as well wishing her 17th birthday.