How To Keep Your House Disinfectant During Coronavirus

How To Keep Your House Disinfectant During Coronavirus

Here is how to Disinfectant your House When we combine soap with water it does a good job for cleaning. Hot water with soap are used to clean the surfaces but we should know that it is anti-bacterial.

How to disinfect your house?

Since the coronavirus is spreading like wild fire across the globe you must disinfect your house atleast three times a day. More than 200,000 people are affected by this deadly virus as of today.

Disinfectant your House

There is a difference between cleaning your house and Disinfectant your House. Cleaning won’t kill germs but disinfection can kill bacteria and germs. 

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You must understand that if you are not disinfecting your room or house properly then we you are leaving bacteria and germs to spread and grow faster. 

Best way to disinfect your house is to use natural  ingredients such as tea tree oil or vinegar to clean the surfaces of your room or house. All you need to do is add a little amount of any of these ingredients and mix in water and wipe off the surface. 

Disinfectant your House

Moreover, there are some stronger cleaning agents which can be used as disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide. It is odourless and and you don’t even have to mix it with water. Simply use minimal amount of the product directly on the surface to give your house and room a germ free environment.

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