Heatwave Predicted To Hit Karachi Soon

Heatwave Predicted To Hit Karachi Soon

Due to the increasingly hot weather, Karachi is predicted to have heatwave between May 5-8 according to the mayor of Karachi. Hospitals are being ordered to prepare themselves for the heatwave. 

Separate arrangements order to be made at all KMC hospitals to handle the potential fallouts of the heatwave. 

The mayor directed KMC senior medical director to compete every necessary preparation that might be required. This includes the doctors, paramedics and medicines that will be required throughout the heatwave. 

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Citizens are advices to stay cautious of the heat as the temperature is said to cross 42 degree Celcuis as per the Pakistan Meteorological Department. The rise in temperature may affect those people who are fasting. 


He advised that people must stay indoors as much as possible to avoid extreme thirst or heatstroke. Individuals above the age of 55 and children should avoid leaving their houseses as the coronavirus threat is already everywhere especially in the hospitals and the death tolls are rising on daily basis.