Hasnain Lehri became a top trend on twitter!

Hasnain Lehri became a top trend on twitter!

So Twitterati once again proved that they don’t spare anyone. Hasnain Lehri has been trending on Twitter after he tweeted a series of depressing tweets, recently Hasnain Lehri tweeted about the corona and the current lockdown in a humorous way.

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The tweet became viral along with the retweets mentioning Hasnain Lehri. There was a wave of tweets making jokes about his name, which was not so fair tbh!

There are a lot of memes that are getting viral of his name. Some of them are funny and lame at the same time but still the talent of meme-ing is increasing by the time.

Hasnain Lehri

Though a segment of people are upset too because they feel that Lehri is going through a hard time after a break-up with Sabeeka Imam and losing his brother. He had been posting depressing stuff lately. Some of his tweets showed he is disturbed from whatever is going on in his life.

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Well twitterati should be a little more sensitive according to our opinion before meme-ing someone. We never know what struggle a person is going through unless we put ourselves in their shoes.