Hadiqa Kiani requested Government of Pakistan to help beauty industry

Hadiqa Kiani requested Government of Pakistan to help beauty industry

Hadiqa Kiani well know singer and songwriter and also an owner of a beauty salon, she shared a video on mainstream video, she asked the government of Pakistan for financial support to the Beauty Salon industry, Due to lockdown all over Pakistan small and large businesses are closed in which salons and independent beauticians are also affected.

Hadiqa Kiani

In Pakistan, there are many small salons with some of the well-known names, mostly small salon businesses running by women, who are running independently to support their families. Hadiqa Kiani also added that it’s a reality that most of the salon owners are not rich and sufficient. Many salon owners including herself are facing difficulties paying their workers, a huge amount of rents, and also a limited amount of revenue to run their houses.

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She also revealed that some salons owner running their business with a shutter down tactic. And also independent beauticians giving home services to their clients. Right now numerous beauticians are jobless and they eagerly want work. She alerted the government that those who are doing such practices may increase the number of coronavirus cases because anyone could be affected by a coronavirus and can spread more by visiting houses.

Lastly, she asked the government of Pakistan to make SOPs for the beauty salon if the government is planning long-term lockdown to make things easier for the beauty industry. She also appealed the government to give stipends to the jobless beauticians in this hard time, so they can survive during these crises, and also rents should be minimized.