Lipton Digital Film Delivers A Hopeful Message

Lipton Digital Film Delivers A Hopeful Message

With the ongoing uncertainties and tensions across the globe, people are looking for a ray of hope from anyone or anywhere. Different people and brands are making donations and doing all they can to help the needy and deserving ones in this financial and economic crisis. People are making donations and giving hope to each other to stay at home and stay positive in this tough time.  Lipton has come up with a Lipton Digital Film called ‘Jagao Umeed Saath Reh Ker’ where they encourage people to enjoy the moments they can and rejoice the small moments and spend all the time that they can with their loved and near ones. 

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Staying connected is very important in these crucial times for the sake of everyone you love. It is best not to lose hope instead lift each other up and stay positive. The message delivered in the video urges us all to bond with each other because the time right now is the best time you can have by comforting each other and making the most of the raw moments before we move on to the fast world that we were a part of. 

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Lipton Digital Film

Lipton Digital Film has been shot by entertainers and influencers which features sweet and happy moments and how they stay connected with each other in the times like these.