‘Dhundoonga’ a new song by Haroon

‘Dhundoonga’ a new song by Haroon

Haroon Rashid, Pakistani singer come back with a new song to fascinate his fans and followers. Haroon’s new song Dhundoonga has released after ages and the song is receiving an amazing response on social media.


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Haroon Rashid overjoyed when he received an amazing response on Dhundoonga from fans. He also said that a lot of hard work was put in the video with the digital effect that took a lot of time to be completed. His brother was behind the video release who asked Haroon to release the beautiful song Dhundoonga. During this coronavirus pandemic, Haroon knows that everyone is stuck at home, bored and frustrated so he wanted to lift up their moods so he released the video. Haroon also claims that he wasn’t expecting to release the song or even he is not advancing his music career but thanks to Haroon’s brother who pushed him to release the beautiful song.

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