Businesses Open in Sindh on Monday after Approval

Businesses Open in Sindh on Monday after Approval

Sindh Education Minister, Saeed Ghani confirms in a briefing that a list of businesses has been made to send to the Centre.

This is the first phase to relax lockdown and to open a few businesses which are permitted to resume their operations to avoid any sort of financial and economical problems. In the next phase of lockdown relaxation businesses related to construction will be allowed to continue their work. 

He also shares that departmental stores, shopping malls and large markets will remain closed. The businesses that are allowed to reopen are businesses identified as small or big which are forwarded to the Centre. The Centre will give a go ahead and send their feedback to the Sindh government. 

After the analysis of the list, the Government will approve and release the names of the businesses which will be permitted to operate and work from Monday and onwards. This might take a few days to finalise, as per the  Minister Saeed Ghani; however the Government has denied the rumours of the lockdown being over, this is simply entering into the second phase of relaxed lockdown.

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