Bilal Maqsood Fans Are Laughing Out Loud On His Snapchat Filters

Bilal Maqsood Fans Are Laughing Out Loud On His Snapchat Filters

Being isolated and restricted to our homes due to the pandemic, people are unable to go out to work. The isolation is making everyone so depressed that they don’t know what to do and when will they get rid of the outbreak. However, all those who are staying at home are now trying to do something different and new to keep them and others entertained in this crisis. Among different celebrities, Bilal Maqsood jumped on the bandwagon to entertain his fans.

Bilal Maqsood

Earlier, Bilal Maqsood and his father Anwar Maqsood entertained their fans on live Instagram. They both sang songs and were being goofey for their fans!

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Now Bilal Maqsood is obsessed with Snapchat and he has been entertaining his fans by putting silly filters and singing a big mouth version of Sohniye. Have a look:

Also, few weeks back, Bilal shared a version of ‘Akkar Bakkar’ using a baby child face filter on Snapchat mentioning that he used to sing it in his childhood. It was very funny!

Fans are loving and enjoying the things celebs are doing to keep themselves productive, entertaining and also spreading happiness around. Moreover, amid these crisis, celebs are also distributing ration bags to the needy and deserving ones.