Aamir Liaquat apologizes for an inappropriate joke

Aamir Liaquat apologizes for an inappropriate joke

Aamir Liaquat has always been in news, mostly not for good reasons. Aamir Liaquat is hosting a Ramzan show named Jeeway Pakistan. He invited Adnan Siddiqui on his show and cracked a very inappropriate or I should say an insensitive joke.

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He told Adnan that he worked with Sri Devi in a movie, she died, he worked with Irrfan Khan, he died, so he saved the life of Rani Mukherji and Bipasha Basu as he refuses to work in Mardaani and Jism 2. Adnan was not happy with the joke, he said “someone’s death might be a joke to you, but not for me” he further added that “ I am really sad on their demise”.

Aamir Liaquat

The joke went viral on social media and there was outrage by people on his comments. Adnan Siddiqui issued a video message for the families of the deceased, saying that he is sorry about what was said on live television about the deceased and called this a callous act.

Then after all the hatred and outrage, Aamir Liaquat issued an apology today. He said that normally during live shows, it happens that you don’t realize what you are saying, after the show, I realized I did wrong. He further said that he respects the artists from neighboring countries.
However, people are not satisfied with the apology too and they are demanding Amir to be fired by Express Entertainment.