24/7 Helpline For Healthcare Professionals

24/7 Helpline For Healthcare Professionals

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has made a helpline for healthcare professionals who can register their complains 24/7.

This step was taken due to the fact that doctors and paramedics are fighting against the COVID-19 battle in front line throughout day and night. They are working endlessly to keep the pandemic under control. Many healthcare superheroes lost their lives during this battle.

Not only doctors but nurses, pandemics and technicians are also working in this dangerous zone and are absolutely vulnerable with the COVID-19 contact. NDMA is supporting them by this helpline where they can register their complaints if they feel that they are at any kind of risk.

The virus is undoubtedly has been causing havoc across the globe. Healthcare professionals are in direct contact with the outbreak to do everything they can to control the situation. Healthcare staff is also in dire need of protective equipment which can help them fight the virus safely. To cater all the complaints and, they can be registered on the helpline number to make sure that proper actions are taken against it or not.

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